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Online mixing and mastering


You've spent time writing and recording your music! Now it's time to get the mix sounding fire! 


Your song is mixed.
I'll give it a final polish and push the volume!

Kyle Whittaker | Mix Engineer
A.K.A StrangePumpkin

I'm all about the music! If you're serious about building a career in music, I want to hear your story. 

I've been mixing and mastering for over a decade, so I'm confident that we can work together to get the sound you're after. I'm based in Niagara, Ontario, Canada, but I've worked with artists from the United States, England, India, and more. Last year, I worked on songs that earned over 160 million views on YouTube alone.

Here are a few artists I've worked with in the past: ByG Byrd, Khem, Illvibe, Myer Clarity, and Sayzee

Take a listen to some of my work below or check out some of some of the music videos for songs I've mixed and mastered. 

hear My Work

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    No Apologies


  • 03

    So High

    Sidhu Moose Wala (ft. ByG Byrd)


For Online Mixing and Mastering

Trust me when I tell you, Kyle is the engineer you want. Imagine fast forwarding the mixing process and getting a MIX05 on your first MIX01. This is THAT engineer. Kyle hears the same song you're hearing in your mind before it's finished, regardless of genre, and makes it happen. I almost don't want to say more because then the word will be out and I won't be able to book him for myself anymore! He's an invaluable resource to the Heavy Aux team and myself as an artist. Also, he has a beard.

Kyle is the best mixing engineer I’ve had the pleasure to work with. I don’t have enough good things to say about him. Without asking he already seems to just know what direction I'm trying to take my songs. You couldn’t pay me to go anywhere else at this point.

Kyle is the absolute best! He's very patient and insanely knowledgable. He also has the best input when it comes to making your song better. Any track he mixes always comes out sounding super crisp and super professional. Very happy with my experience every single time I work with him!